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Purissima provides professional consulting services and technologically advanced products for Alternative Medicine, water sciences, water disinfection ionizers, safe antimicrobial technology, Energy Medicine, and Subtle Energy related devices of a preventive, non-invasive nature.

Our products include drinking water purifiers, pool ionizers, water softeners/descalers, magnetics, laser, crystals, plus remedies which effectively provide cellular regeneration, anti-aging benefits, and immune system improvement.  We invite manufacturers and retailers to consider including these products in their line.

Independent laboratory analysis reports are available on this site, to verify the high quality and efficacy of our antimicrobial technologies.

Drinking water purification

Industrial water purification

Hard water softening and electronic descaling

swimming pool water purification


Electrolytic Ionization:

* Charges water with Zeta Potential and ions which kill most micro-organisms, parasites and viruses.

* Works well with Chlorine chemicals which can be reduced more than 10x or often eliminated.

* No more odour or irritation of skin, eyes, hair.

* Renders water safe for drinking, swimming, bathing, washing.

* Long-term residual antimicrobial potency.

* Ions never evaporate.

* Our ionizers work synergistically with our electronic descalers for water softening and scale removal.

Main Features of Our Water Ionizers: (See daily volumes at bottom of this page)


The Biophysica Zeta Potential Ionizer purifies water using water ionization technology which dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine used in swimming pools by at least ten times. The Zeta Potential is carried by copper and silver ions from the electrodes.  Copper is a well known algaecide and is commonly used at a trace level of 0.2 ppm to control algae in lakes, ponds, fountains, cooling towers and swimming pools.  Silver and many of its compounds have unique antimicrobial properties and are commonly used in hospitals.  Silver ions at trace levels of approximately 0.015 ppm silver are used to control bacteria and viruses.  Ionization can work synergistically with Chlorine which is often recommended at a barely detectable level of 0.04 ppm, 0.1 litre (100cc) of liquid bleach in a typical 30,000 gallon pool.

In-line Industrial bulk Production of CS Drinking Water using canister pictured on upper right

The ionic solution from our CS generators is in accordance with the highest standards and requirements.
The sealed enclosure we will be using is similar to the picture below and will allow in-line continuous production. The ionizer control box has a current control knob providing for the user continuous fine control over the applied current.
This will allow the production a range of the smallest nanoparticles down to ionic dimensions for the utmost antimicrobial efficacy.

Canister Reaction Chamber:   This new series uses larger 4” x 8” electrodes (each of area 64 sq inches) instead of the former 2” x 6” (24 sq ins).  This is an improvement of over 160% on each electrode pair. With a chamber of 30 or 40 pairs of electrodes, the ideal combination of high quantity and high quality can be achieved.  Multiple chambers can be put in series for greater volume. Chambers could have copper, zinc, or magnesium electrodes


Automatic In-line monitoring of  ppm:  Using immersed in-line conductivity meter


Automatic release of trapped air in reaction canister:  Using solenoid valve.  Opens every hour to release trapped air inside canister.


Flow Meter;  Using in-line flow meter to indicate litres/minute.


Factors (6) influencing results

1. Water flow rate. Our small 12 volt, 1 watt pump will pump up to 7 litres per minute or 420 litres per hour, enough for 30 electrode pairs.  Too high a flow rate will result in a more dilute product.  For drinking water the recommended daily requirement for silver is 300 micrograms (0.3 mg) which would be in 0.3 litres of 1 ppm, or in 3 litres of 0.1 ppm.
2. Desired ppm;  Calculations are based on 1 ppm. For 10 ppm we would need more electrodes or tolerate higher particle size. For 0.1 ppm we could choose a larger flow rate.
3. Desired quality in particle size is determined by electrical current density at electrode surfaces.  This is kept consistently as low as possible in order to achieve a size range from 0.2 to 8 nanometres.
4. Water conductivity determined by dissolved solids and water temperature.  Reverse Osmosis water is easier to charge by being slightly more electrically conductive (10microsiemens) rather than 0 for distilled.
5. Applied voltage:  This should be as large as possible (50v to 100v) in order to charge pure distilled water.
6. Electrode area:  Greater surface area of silver will allow for greater quality, volume, and ppm.


Controller Box:  The industrial ionizer control box enclosure comes in an internationally approved water-proofed windowed box, whereas the basic residential Ionizer models come with control box enclosure made of robust solid aluminum.  Each has a control knob to allow the user to make fine adjustments to the low voltage current going into the water through the electrodes in ordedr to obtain the finest nanoparticles.   Ionization control knob has 10 energy levels so that it can be turned down once the desired copper or silver level is achieved.  The control box contains a self-cleaning Alternating Polarity and Constant Current circuit so that it can be used even with highly electrically conductive salt water.  Our deluxe control box has a clear windowed door and digital meter to display actual electrical current through the electrodes and also has a user control knob to adjust the current level from zero up to the maximum of the unit which could be 0.4 to 20 amps depending on which model is matched to your size of pool, tank or cooling tower.  Adjustment of the control knob is based on weekly testing of copper ion levels using the test strips which we provide. The 5 amp model is recommended for a large swimming pool and the 1 amp model for a hot tub.  For larger pools with more than one circulation pump, one ionizer should be installed with each pump.


Source Water:
When the source is well, lake or river water it is generally wise to clean it first with filtration and Reverse Osmosis, before adding silver or copper.  Make sure that your water is not too pure and non-conductive.  It would be better to commence the process with a small amount of conductivity in the water, such as with Reverse Osmosis water or single distilled water or add a few crystals of Ascorbic Acid to commence with 1 to 5 microSiemens.  Do not add salt which contains Chloride and may form insoluble silver chloride.


We are very fortunate that our silver, gold and platinum come from Canadian silver mines and are purified by a local smelting company to 99.99%.  Then they are custom pressed to any thickness and dimensions which we specify. 


Bulk Colloidal Generation
We specialise in Antimicrobial technologies which ensure that the drinking water has an extremely long-term antimicrobial potency far beyond other methods such as Ozone, Ultra violet light, Chlorine, Bromine, Hydrogen Peroxide all of which oxidising techniques have undoubted benefits but are limited and short-term along with possible later side effects such as Cancer, Immune Suppression, Asthma in children.
Biophysica manufactures equipment for small domestic users and large quantities for swimming pools and drinking water bottling plants.
For drinking water we use a pair of pure silver electrodes and for pools and washing we use a pair of electrodes made of an alloy of copper (95%) and silver (5%) which is not ideal for drinking, although copper is a safe and essential mineral.


Silver Effectiveness;
Research shows that silver is effective in concentrations of 0.01 to 0.04 ppm (10 to 40 parts per billion), especially when the water is exposed to the silver for long periods of time.  The solution can be used as a remedy at 5 ppm or concentrate at 20-50 ppm, taken in small doses or can be diluted into the drinking water supply at a concentration typically of 0.1 to 1 ppm.

Ions versus Nanoparaticles: In electrolysis, a certain amount of ions are unavoidable, especially if the electrical current is high with respect to electrodes area.  We have developed methods and technology to produce the highest ratio of particles to ions. One of these methods is to use the lowest current to produce the smallest size of nanoparticles.  The consequence of this low current “tradeoff” is that the process will take longer.  Using a higher current will speed up the process at the expense of more ions and larger particles.  The control knob (graduated potentiometer) can make this adjustment to allow the user to control the current level thereby controlling particle size and particle-ion ratio.  For the highest quality, turn the knob to the lowest level.
Filtration:  Electrolysis always produces oxide particles due to the production of Oxygen and Hydrogen from the breakdown of water and from Oxygen dissolved in the water.  These particle should be filtered out, preferably by allowing sedimentation of the produced water and pouring off the upper layers of colloidal water.

PPM (Parts per Million):
PPM is a measure of concentration of metal ions present in the water.  An approximate indication is possible using a Conductivity Meter (not a TDS meter which measures salt). We sell a suitable sensitive meter for $140 USD.


Electrodes:  We have a regular supply of Canadian mined medically 99.99% pure solid silver bar electrodes which are made to our specifications.  The amount of atoms released per second is dependent on total surface area of the electrodes and the electrical current (up to 14 amperes) applied to the immersed electrodes. Consequently the build-up to 0.1 ppm takes many days in a typical 20,000 gallon swimming pool or drinking water holding tank.  Copper electrodes are intended primarily for pools.  Our electrodes have a larger than usual surface area (flat rather than round rods) for greater conductivity in pure water with low electrical conductivity less than 500 uS or 300 ppm.  We provide 6”  or 12”  long electrodes. Our electrodes are length = 6" or 12”  x  width = 1.25".  Thickness of copper electrodes is 6 mm (1/4”).  Silver electrodes can have thickness =  2, 4, or 6 mm (1/4”).  Electrodes will last about one year, then they can be easily replaced by unscrewing the plug.   The pool ionizer electrode pair is made of an alloy of copper 99% and silver 1%.  For drinking water electrodes are of pure solid silver. They are mounted on a 2” or 4” diameter PVC plug which can easily be screwed into the charging chamber to replace old electrodes. Plug has hand tight union thread. They are generally 6” long but can be 12” or multiple manifolds can be connected for large installations.

Daily volume in our new canisters holding 10, 16 or 24 pairs of electrodes


Basic Controller box with plumbing and one channel of control is $1800. Each additional control channel is $200

2” x 12” in 3” quick-connect plumbing.  Each pair of solid silver electrodes and plumbing costs additional $2000.

1.25” x 12” in 2” quick-connect plumbing. Each pair of solid silver electrodes and plumbing costs additional $1400.


Currently it is not practical to provide one system with more than 6 pairs.  For greater volumes, multiple systems should be combined


CS-1PR (one pair) each 2” x 12”, $3800

CS-2PR (2 pairs) each 2” x 12”, $6200

CS-4PR (4 pairs) each 2” x 12”, $10600
CS-6PR (6 pairs) each 2” x 12”, $15000


Volume in litres/day at 0.1 ppm

Volume in litres/day at 1 ppm

Volume in litres/day at 5 ppm

Wholesale price

CS-1PR (one pair) each 2” x 12”





CS-2PR (2 pairs) each 2” x 12”





CS-4PR (4 pairs) each 2” x 12”





CS-6PR (6 pairs) each 2” x 12”






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