Water Purification technologies

Preserving Our Precious Resources

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Purissima provides professional consulting services and technologically advanced products for Alternative Medicine, water sciences, water disinfection ionizers, safe antimicrobial technology, Energy Medicine, and Subtle Energy related devices of a preventive, non-invasive nature.

Our products include drinking water purifiers, pool ionizers, water softeners/descalers, magnetics, laser, crystals, plus remedies which effectively provide cellular regeneration, anti-aging benefits, and immune system improvement.  We invite manufacturers and retailers to consider including these products in their line.

Independent laboratory analysis reports are available on this site, to verify the high quality and efficacy of our antimicrobial technologies.

Drinking water purification

Industrial water purification

Hard water softening and electronic descaling

swimming pool water purification


Benefits of Ionizers


1.       Water Purifier Keeps Water Sparkling Clear by using two of Nature's Most Precious Minerals. 

2.       Safe Drinking Water that Exceeds EPA's safety standards for Drinking Water 

3.       No More Dry, Itchy Skin, Bleached Out Swimsuits, Dry and Brittle Hair and Irritated Eyes. 

4.       Legionella control in hospitals using copper electrodes 

5.       Eliminate Dangerous Chemical Storage. 

6.       Reduce Corrosion of all Pool Equipment including Automatic Pool Vacuum Hoses. 

7.       Eliminate the Daily Chore and expense of Chlorination and testing. 

8.       Environmental:  Protect the Earth's Environment by using less Chlorine, Bromine or salt. 

9.       Systems designed for All Residential Swimming Pools, Spas, Cooling Towers, and Commercial Units up to 2.4 Million Gallons. 

10.   Variety of models with multiple electrode pairs, depending on water volume and flow. 

11.   Custom designs available in consultation with our scientific staff. 

12.   Pool ionization systems available in residential sizes up to 50,000 gal. and for commercial/industrial  use up to 2,400,000 gal. 

13.   Continuous Flow-Through Electrolysis Process. 

14.   Water can be continually recirculated with a holding tank to build up more ionization charge. 

15.   Decontamination and proactive protection of wells without using chlorine.

16.   Decontamination of sewage and waste liquids.  Coliform is rapidly killed by ionization.

17.   Using Zinc and Magnesium electrodes to replace the most essential minerals after Reverse Osmosis.

18.   Reduced energy use by disinfecting at low temperatures (20 degrees C) rather than having to maintain high antimicrobial temperatures (60 degrees C).

Advantages of the Purissima System:


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