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Purissima provides professional consulting services and technologically advanced products for Alternative Medicine, water sciences, water disinfection ionizers, safe antimicrobial technology, Energy Medicine, and Subtle Energy related devices of a preventive, non-invasive nature.

Our products include drinking water purifiers, pool ionizers, water softeners/descalers, magnetics, laser, crystals, plus remedies which effectively provide cellular regeneration, anti-aging benefits, and immune system improvement.  We invite manufacturers and retailers to consider including these products in their line.

Independent laboratory analysis reports are available on this site, to verify the high quality and efficacy of our antimicrobial technologies.

Drinking water purification

Industrial water purification

Hard water softening and electronic descaling

swimming pool water purification


Industrial ionization controller Modle CS-3000 for separate control over two channels.  This model controls ratio of copper to silver for a dolphin aquarium. Output is up to 3 amperes.


Commercial Ionization controller model CS-2000 outputs up to 2 amperes for 12 inch long electrodes of any metal such silver, gold, zinc, magnesium or copper. Ultraviolet and magnet are included here.

Two channel electrode charging reaction chamber for the above controller. This model has UV light, one pair of silver and one pair of copper electrodes each 12 inches long.

This custom model has quick disconnect adapter to permit rapid, easy examination, cleaning and replacement of electrodes. 

Pump to recirculate water and holding tank are extra.

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