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Purissima provides professional consulting services and technologically advanced products for Alternative Medicine, water sciences, water disinfection ionizers, safe antimicrobial technology, Energy Medicine, and Subtle Energy related devices of a preventive, non-invasive nature.

Our products include drinking water purifiers, pool ionizers, water softeners/descalers, magnetics, laser, crystals, plus remedies which effectively provide cellular regeneration, anti-aging benefits, and immune system improvement.  We invite manufacturers and retailers to consider including these products in their line.

Independent laboratory analysis reports are available on this site, to verify the high quality and efficacy of our antimicrobial technologies.

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Broad spectrum antibacterial effect of electrically generated silver ions has been fully established. Present work consists of clinical evaluation of beneficial antibacterial effect of silver ions liberated electrically with the help of locally manufactured power pack in 920 proved cases of chronic osteomyelitis with or without pathological fractures and septic non-unions. Wound debridement, silver iontophoresis, proper immobilisation and subsequent wound care yielded not only control of bone infections in 85% cases, but also produced healing of pathological fractures in 83% patients. Results remained unaffected by age or sex of patient, type of bone involved, duration of previous illness or type of previous treatment. Follow-up varied from 6 months to 10 years. This technique is likely to open a new chapter in treatment of chronic resistant bone infections and septic non-unions due to open fractures particularly in developing countries of the world.



Garner M; Reglinski J; Smith WE; Stewart MJ “The interaction of colloidal metals with erythrocytes”,  Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K., J Inorg Biochem, 56(4):283-90 1994 Dec



The interactions of citrate reduced colloids (Ag, Au, and Bi) with intact erythrocytes and erythrocyte lysate have been studied by 1H spin echo NMR. Silver colloid is observed to induce cellular depletion of cytosolic glutathione and bismuth colloid induces cytosolic glutathione oxidation in the intact cell. In comparison, there is no detectable effect with gold colloid. With red cell lysate the three colloids all remove glutathione from the spectrum. The metal salts AgNO3 and NaAuCl4 both oxidize intracellular glutathione to diglutathione whereas BiO(NO3) has no effect. Thus colloidal preparations have a different reactivity to their parent metal salts. The differences observed between the three types of colloids (silver, gold, and bismuth) are unique to the colloids studied. None of the colloids studied were biologically inert in the erythrocyte model used


Russell AD; Hugo WB “Antimicrobial activity and action of silver”,  Welsh School of Pharmacy, Prog Med Chem, 31():351-70 1994, University of Wales College of Cardiff, U.K


Thunus L; Dauphin JF; Moiny G; Deby C; Deby-Dupont G “Anti-inflammatory properties of copper, gold and silver, individually and as mixtures”,  Laboratoire de Chimie Analytique, Institut de Pharmacie F1, UniversitÍe de LiÍege, Belgium, Analyst, 120(3):967-73 1995 Mar




It has been previously demonstrated that the mixture of Cu, Au and Ag impaired significantly the clinical and biochemical disorders induced by adjuvant arthritis in the rat. The efficiency of this mixture and of each component was tested on the same animal model. Treated rats were injected daily with either 22.8 micrograms of copper gluconate, 0.2 micrograms of gold thioglucose, 6.8 micrograms of silver proteinate or the blended solution over a period of 29 d. The treatment with the one component solutions was found to have a little or no effect on the plasma levels of fibrinogen, haptoglobin, ceruloplasmin, prostaglandin E2, thromboxane B2, total proteins, Zn, Cu, Mn, Se, Co and Ni, and no significant decrease was observed in the paw oedema resulting from the Freund's adjuvant injection. The treatment with the mixture had a significant preventive effect. Therefore it seems that the administration of low doses of each of the three trace elements have no anti-rheumatic property in the rat. The results indicate an enhanced effect of the metal mixture in the model studied



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